Severe storms hit southern Brazil, prompting a response from Veolia teams based in Brazil in coordination with the Veolia Foundation. Water treatment equipment and humanitarian emergency experts were mobilized to help the stricken population.
A collaboration between UNICEF and the Veolia Foundation
10th World Water Forum -
In Bali, Indonesia, the 10th edition of the World Water Forum opens with several hundred participants to make water an absolute priority. With its institutional partners and NGOs present on site, the Veolia Foundation is promoting a partnership approach to better respond to humanitarian needs that are more pressing than ever.
2024 World Health Day -
Since 2012, Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) and the Veolia Foundation have been cooperating in a wide range of contexts: humanitarian emergencies following natural disasters, the fight against epidemics, the management of health centers... It's this last subject that has mobilized several Veolia experts in response to a problem of contamination of water networks in Haiti.
Governance -
Thierry Vandevelde, Executive Director of the Veolia Foundation for 16 years, is stepping down. He will be succeeded by David Poinard, until now Deputy Executive Director.
Veoliaforce -
In a rural region of Senegal, a drinking water treatment plant has been installed by two desalination experts to provide the population with access to quality water.
Supported projects -
Inauguration of 10 2.0 and 3.0 kiosks in the presence of the Cambodian Ministry of Rural Development and Ministry of Economy.
World Day -
In Limay, to the west of Paris, a number of volunteers and permanent staff from the Veolia Foundation are taking it in turns to test a sanitation solution for the humanitarian sector: Saniforce.
Supported projets -
October saw the launch of the Bougainville Mission: a citizen research project attached to the French Navy fleet. The adventure is embodied by students from Sorbonne University who are being taken on board by the French military to carry out a homogeneous, participative, continuous and global measurement of the ocean microbiome.