Word Day
Faced with rising sea levels and an increase in extreme weather events, coastal cities are on the front line. With Sea’ties, local actors are getting together and committing themselves to face the risks that have become very real and to design solutions together.
Veoliaforce assignment
The passage of tropical storm Fiona deprived several thousand Guadeloupeans of access to water and electricity. A Veoliaforce mission, conducted with the French Red Cross, enabled drinking water to be distributed to households in Vieux-Habitants.
The scientific expedition Mission Microbiomes is coming to an end. Tara will touch the quay of the Cité de la Voile in Lorient on Saturday 16 October afternoon. Follow the schooner's arrival live.
For three days, some 30 Group volunteers were trained in emergency response techniques and equipment for access to essential services.
Find out about the projects supported and the expert missions carried out throughout the world by the Veolia Foundation in 2021.
World Day
Climate regulation, knowledge of marine ecosystems on which we depend in many ways, the ocean plays a major role in the ecological transformation we are about to experience.
International Day
At the end of March, experts from the Veolia Foundation presented a new laboratory for the analysis and monitoring of wastewater systems. Designed with the Austrian Red Cross, this equipment completes the range of solutions for humanitarian intervention.
World Health Day
Water-borne diseases are not inevitable! The Veolia Foundation has chosen access to water to fight, in particular, against cholera.
World Water Day
Why can water transmit bacterial, viral and parasitic infections? What are the means of control and prevention? What are the priority Public Health issues related to freshwater?