Humanitarian WASH Workshops

A Veolia Foundation and French Water Partnership event

Exchange days on access to water and sanitation in humanitarian contexts, organized with the French Water Partnership.

For two days, water and sanitation experts will meet to discuss water and sanitation technologies in the context of crises:

  • Meetings to focus on access to drinking water and sanitation, two essential factors that ensure local populations, resources and the environment are protected.
  • Two days to review the technical solutions, analyse the special mechanisms dedicated to emergency situations, and consider the equipment of tomorrow.
  • Feedback from the field and practical workshops to discover and test water purification and wastewater and faecal sludge management systems.


WASH is the acronym for "Water, Sanitation and Hygiene", a sector also known as WatSan (for "Water and Sanitation") or, in French, "EAH" or "EHA" standing for "Eau, Assainissement et Hygiène".

A non-profit organization created in 2007 on World Water Day, the French Water Partnership is the benchmark platform for French public and private water players operating internationally. Its working group "WASH, Crises and Fragility in the PFE Partnership" is chaired by David Poinard, Director of Water Operations for Greater Lyon and a Veoliaforce volunteer.