Veolia Foundation: a change in management

Thierry Vandevelde, Executive Director of the Veolia Foundation for 16 years, is stepping down. He will be succeeded by David Poinard, until now Deputy Executive Director.
Thierry Vandevelde et David Poinard, mars 2024

The year 2024 marks a turning point in the history of the Veolia Foundation. Twenty years after its creation, this corporate foundation is changing face. As of April 1, 2024, Thierry Vandevelde will step down. He will be succeeded by David Poinard, who was recruited as deputy executive manager at the beginning of 2023, and promoted to executive officer.
Thierry Vandevelde joined Compagnie Générale des Eaux 35 years ago, and ten years later created the Waterforce humanitarian response force, now Veoliaforce. This action lever, fueled by skills sponsorship, became part of the Veolia Foundation, created four years earlier, in 2008. Thierry Vandevelde then became Managing Director of the Veolia Foundation, under the chairmanship of Antoine Frérot, Chairman of the Veolia Group.
From April onwards, he will continue his commitment to the Foundation, monitoring some of its projects and joining its Board of Directors.

The vocation of the Veolia Foundation remains as relevant as ever: to give substance to the solidarity demanded of companies by getting involved to support the most vulnerable.
Thierry Vandevelde

David Poinard, who joins from Veolia Water, is well acquainted with the Foundation's skills-based philanthropy activities, having been a Veoliaforce volunteer on humanitarian emergency and development missions for some twenty years. He takes over responsibility for a structure that will celebrate its 20th anniversary next June: an opportunity to highlight the partners, project sponsors and Veolia employees who contribute to the Foundation's success.

Our mission is to cope. The idea is not to let disasters dictate our agenda. We are working on new models of access to essential services.
David Poinard

The year 2024 also marks the start of a new five-year mandate (2024-2028). The Foundation's ambitions have been renewed, its roots are firmly planted in the Group's various businesses, and its focus is international. With over 1,500 projects supported and more than 200 skills sponsorship missions since its creation, the Veolia Foundation intends to take its rightful place on the humanitarian, environmental protection and social bonding scenes.